Sicily Adventure

Events/News on 17 Jun , 2022

Parcallario, the “Park in the air”! This is where our adventurous souls took us on our last trip in April. One day to Sicily, to the heart of the Wood of Santa Maria, near Syracuse, where you can find a wonderful Adventure Park in the middle of the woods. Here you can climb and walk among centuries-old oaks and holm oaks, large pines and chestnut trees.

Our girls embraced the challenge head on and with no reservations. We set sail early in the morning and after some initial stumbling due to sea sickness we settled on our journey by ferry to Pozzallo.

The weather gifted us with an amazing sunny day and after an hour and a half on the coach to reach the park, there we were getting dressed for safety, with helmets and safety belts.

We took our time to understand the safety measures we had to follow and figure out the courses available at different levels among the trees. But, as soon as we started climbing, nothing could stop us! Some girls even dared to complete the highest and hardest routes available. It was a physical as well as a mental challenge, certainly not for people afraid of heights!

It was a beautiful day out in the nature even for some of us who did not feel like facing the trees. The park offered a relaxing time and the opportunities for walks along paths immersed in the nature.

Lunch time was such a good time for everyone as we got to take a break and enjoy typical products and local recipes. However, while some would have rested a bit more after, many girls wanted to get back to the trees as soon as possible!

The afternoon was a really special time because we got to do the two ziplines, 50 metres high and 130 meters long panoramic cable ways, where you get to slide from one end to the other completely suspended in the air. Woow!

And guess what could not be missed after such a day of physical and mental challenge? … a good couple of hours shopping! Yes, that is exactly what we did on our way back to the ferry. Stopped in a big mall and took the pleasure of spending money just shopping. Everybody loved it.

We would like to thank our partners and donors for their support and for making this unforgettable day possible: Virtu Ferries for sponsoring the trip, Atlas sponsored the Insurance. Mostly thanks goes to the lovely organisers who now become part of the CVB family: Lisa, Malcolm, Roberta, Angie, Paul and Manuel.

All the girls enjoyed the day and had an experience which for many would be one in a lifetime.