Mission Statement

The organization provides residential care for adolescent girls of any race, class, sexual orientation or religion with psychological, emotional, behavioural and/or social difficulties.

Services provided at the residential homes

Personalized professional interventions consist of individual and group therapy, counseling and intensive youth work interventions within a therapeutic environment.  The programme aims at achieving these goals through formal and informal education. This holistic approach service is based on dignity and respect that empowers residents to acquire the necessary social and personal skills to help them reintegrate positively back to society or into their family.

Set up

The homes cater for 22 residents (11 – 18 years). The majority of residents are still of school age, thus are followed closely on their academic education, whilst others who do not wish to continue their studies are coached to finding gainful employment. Leisure activities organized by the homes form part of the informal approach adopted. Each activity is planned and evaluated with the residents to help them gauge the skills gained.