Meeting at MEUSAC

Events/News on 20 Sep , 2016

For a while, we have been in contact with MEUSAC who are assisting us with writing an application for a youth exchange project for summer 2017.

One of the objectives of such projects is that the young people are involved in the whole process of the project, including the planning phase. The meeting served as a platform for some of the residents of the Homes to brainstorm ideas for a theme for a youth exchange along with activities they would like to participate in.

The group was given a welcoming speech by Dr. Vanni Xuereb, Head of MEUSAC.

Mr. Joe Sciberras engaged in an active discussion with the residents present about the EU. Participants shared their knowledge on the different countries in the EU, as well as how the EU started and evolved and the main topics facing EU at the moment, such as migration and the Brexit.

Finally, Ms. Mandy Falzon elicited a number of activities and themes that the residents would like to include in the youth exchange, as well as some information of how a project gets to be selected and other opportunities available for EU residents.

The session was a fun and informative one which enabled the young people to engage in informative discussions and express their thoughts and ideas.

We would like to thank MEUSAC for this opportunity. img_6889