Live Right, Be Bright! Youth Exchange July 2017

Events/News on 26 Jun , 2017

Empowering Youth in Care, the youth organisation working from within Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja, was awarded with funds from Erasmus+ to coordinate a youth exchange project to be held in Sardinia.

In July 2017, eight residents from the Homes will be joining 35 other young people from Sardinia, Denmark and the Netherlands for a Youth Exchange in the town of Abbasanta.

The main themes of the exchange are creativity, healthy lifestyles, positivity and balance.  These were themes which were thought of by the residents themselves during the application stage of the project.  The activity programme includes a mixture of hands-on activities, workshops, voluntary work and outdoor activities for a balance of fun and learning, through which capabilities are highlighted and skills and competences are improved.

The activity programme was finalised earlier in June when a group leader from each participating country met in Abbasanta for an Advanced Planning Visit.

Several participants included in the project are considered as young people with fewer opportunities and who face social exclusion, marginalisation and stigma on a regular basis.  The concept of the project is to bring together a group of young people to learn together in a non-formal environment in which everyone feels confident and valid.

Through this youth exchange, participants are expected to achieve a number of learning outcomes, such as improved team work skills, enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem, awareness on adopting positive attitudes, the importance of healthy and active lifestyles, and cultural awareness.