Gozo Trip 2022

During the school mid-term holidays at the end of October, a group of 5 residents were taken for a two-night trip to Gozo.  

The highlight of the trip was the segway tour which was organised.  This was a first for all of them.  While some got the hang of it right away, others needed time to pluck up the courage to try it out.  Once they were all warmed up and confident, they were led on a picturesque tour leading to the San Rafflu pond.  The girls enjoyed this immensely. 

For many of them, it was also there first time visiting the Citadella.  A couple of hours were spent running around, exploring and recounting ghost stories. 

While the group was treated to a couple of meals at restaurants, they were also entrusted to come up with their own menus for dinner.  They all took responsibility to shop for the ingredients and cook the meal.  They did not disappoint!

The event could not have succeeded without the commitment of a couple of staff members who accompanied the girls for the three days.