FABRIC Training Course

Events/News on 29 Jan , 2018

FABRIC: Fresh Approaches to Behaviour and Relationships when working with young people with Challenging Behaviour.

Training Course: 21 – 27 January 2018, Malta

The end of January saw 20 enthusiastic people from the UK, Latvia and Romania meet another 20 Maltese participants in Rabat, Malta for a training course entitled FABRIC.  This Erasmus+ project sought to provide participants with the tools and skills needed to build positive relationships and work more effectively with young people with challenging behaviour.

Further to a previous training course organised in 2016, entitled ‘Keys to Inclusion’, UK psycholgoists Colin Newton and Derek Wilson from Inclusive Solutions once again headlined the training course.  They shared with the participants innovative practices for shifting to a more positive approach when dealing with youngsters with challenging behaviour.  This took place through personal reflection, sharing our thoughts with each other, role plays, and colourful sketches providing a pleasing visual of the learning experience.

This project served as an amazing experience for all involved.  For the Maltese participants who work directly with young people in care, this was particularly valuable, with many skills learned being implemented from the very first day back on the floor with the residents.

Empowering Youth in Care which works through the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja organised this training course.  Our partners for this course were Donum Animus from Latvia, Minte Forte from Romania, and NICOLA from the UK.